*Skaterboy made for 2Crafty*

 Hello 2Crafty fans!
Summer is nearly over here in Canada, kids are back to school and days are getting shorter and shorter... this means more time to stay inside and work on some new layouts! This time around I have a new layout to reveal that features my son who is turning 10 very soon. 

For the "Summer Leaf Stems", I used white enamel with blue sparkles.

On the title, "Skater boy", I applied black embossing powder and then applied silver embossing ink on top.

For the "Funky Leaf Swirls", I used navy metallic paint and applied silver embossing ink on top.

On the "Western Set 1" leaf, I applied teal ink and traced the contour with black ink. For the "Checkerboard" in the background, I applied black embossing ink roughly.

For this layout, I used these following chipboards.
Funky Leaf Swirls (M00539)
Summer Leaf Stems (M00411)
Skater Boy (W00445)
Western Set 1 (M00649)
Checkerboard (660045)

And I've prepared a short video to show how I worked the chipboards to achieve this result:

That's all for today! I hope you enjoyed this and that it'll help fuel your creativity! See you soon for more creative ideas!


2CraftyChipboard: #Whatever

Hello 2Crafty Fans,
This week I have a cheeky layout to reveal that features my son
trying to surprise me as I was trying to take a selfie.
 My preteen boy is growing up and this funny moment inspired me to
create a page that reflects his newly found attitude #whatever :) .

Here are some close ups of the chipboard

For the title, "whatever", I used black embossing powder. And for the "flame flourish 5" behind, I used silver paint and then applied embossing black ink.

On the "diamond chunk bits" I applied diluted gray paint. Then on the "tiny triangle clusters", I used yellow embossing ink and then inked the border with black ink.

For the "Steampunk Gears small", I used a red embossing ink and then traced the contour with black ink.

For this layout, I used the following chipboards:
W00449 #Whatever
FR0008 Frame Flourish 5
M00647 Steampunk Gear Small
M00721 Tiny Triangle Cluster

That's all for today! I hope you enjoyed this layout and it inspired you for your own creations! See you soon with more creative ideas! 


Simple à souhait: Nouveautés

Coucou les cocos,
Je suis de passage sur mon blog pour vous présenter les nouveautés de simples à souhait! Ce sont de nouvelles matrices de coupe.
Je me suis amusée à mélanger les mots en mousse et une des matrices de la nouvelle collection. Voici donc le résultat!

Gros bisous
N'hésitez pas à vous rendre sur le blog de Simple à souhait pour y découvrir des créations originale avec ces nouveautés!

C'est la rentrée, c'est le temps de faire des projets et chez Simple à Souhait on vous en présente un beau projet!!
Nos nouvelles matrice de coupe sont très polyvalentes et durables! Imaginez tous les beaux projets que vous pourriez réaliser avec ça!

Voici les petits nouveaux:

Demandez-les à votre boutique préférée ou rendez-vous sur la boutique en ligne Simple à Souhait !


13arts Gold challenge

Salut les cocos,
Je suis de passage par ici pour vous présenter une page que j'ai créée pour le challenge #69 de 13arts. J'ai utilisé le stencil de cœurs et les pigments Colors rainbow (jaune).
De plus, j'ai utilisé des produits des compagnies 2crafty, Aladine et Simple à souhait.
C'est une page que j'adore mettant en vedette une photo de mon Liam et moi. Il a un magnifique sourire!

Toi et moi

Voici le thème du challenge que provient mon inspiration. J'espère que vous aimez!
Voici les produits utilisez de 13arts

Bon Week-end les cocos!
Gros bisous!


*Cherish yesterday for 2Crafty*

Hello 2Crafty fans!

This month, 2Crafty is featured on the More Than Words blog and I was invited to take part in some of the challenges as a guess designer. Those challenges are "Vintage" and "Yesterday". They inspired me to create a nice layout around one of my wedding pictures. 

I wanted to create a vintage ambience around my black and white picture, by using a wood textured background along with a dull color palette as well as by applying a patina finish on some of the chipboards.  

In the background, I've placed the "Circle Lace Panel" which I left at its natural chipboard color. 

On top of the "Circle Lace Panel", I've put the "Frame Yvette's", on which I used a vintage bronze enamel Powder.

For the "Foliage Set 1", I've applied amethyst-colored ink roughly and traced the contour with black ink. On the "Pretty Flowers", I've applied some amethyst embossing ink then applied pearly white embossing powder on top.

For the title, "Cherish", from the "Fine Word Set 1", I used metallic silver embossing powder and traced the contour with black ink.

In this layout, I've used the following 2Crafty Chipboards:

Frame Yvette's [fr0083]
Circle Lace Panel [660034]
Fine Word Set 1 [m00656]
Foliage Set 1 [m00567]
Pretty Flowers [m000574]

I've really enjoyed taking part in this challenge! I hope you like the result and that it gave you some new ideas for your own creations! See you soon.


#Laugh for 2Crafty

Hello 2Crafty friends,

This week I'm presenting a layout featuring my very own dear husband as he's 
enjoying a nice moment of respite as we're finally starting our summer vacations. 
With the pressure of our busy family life on hold for a few short weeks, we finally had
 time to relax, enjoy the moment and have a good laugh without counting every minute.


Underneath the picture, I've placed the "Geometric Arrows", which I prepared with 
metallic navy paint. Under the "Geometry Arrows", I used the "Sequin Negative Bits"
, on which I applied some teal ink.

For the "Steampunk Gears", I applied a metallic embossing powder. For the "Light Bulbs",
 I used a teal embossing ink and then applied white embossing powder on top.

On the "Steampunk heart", I applied charcoal metallic paint and some silver embossing ink.

For the title, "#LAUGH", from the "Mini #Word Set 2",
 I've applied black embossing powder.

I used the following 2crafty Chipboards:

I hope you enjoyed this reveal and that it gave you some new inspiration for
 your own creations! Until next time, I wish you the best!