Memories pour 2Crafty

Hello 2Crafty friends,

I'm back with a new layout to reveal, featuring my daughter and I (with special guest dear husband trying to photo-bomb), trying to make the best of our cold winter here in Canada! For this creation I had this nice background I fell in love with and I felt it was perfect to add some warmth to this winter picture.

On the "Addy's Butterflies", I've applied rosegold wax.

I've used a burgundy embossing powder on the "Anika's Floral Frame". 

On the "Fern Leaf Set", I applied a diluted irridescent blue-gold paint in thin layers. On the "memories" title, from the "Fine Word Set 3" set, I used black embossing powder.

On this layout, I used the following chipboards:
Addy's Butterflies [m00581]
Anika's Floral Frame [fr0110]
Fern Leaf Set [m00798]
Fine Word Set 3 [m00799]

That's all for today! I hope you enjoyed this creation and that it will give you some inspiration for your own! See you soon with more ideas.


Ensemble pour Simple à Souhait

Salut les filles,
J'espère que vous allez bien et que vous vous remettez des froids glaciaux des derniers jours! Je suis de passage sur le blog pour vous présenter ma page « Inspiration » du mois de janvier. 

Pour faire honneur à notre hiver québécois, j'ai eu envie de faire une page mettant en vedette M. l'ingénieur et moi, lors de nos dernières vacances, passées au chalet. 

Afin de réaliser ma page, j'ai utilisé quelques produits « Simple à souhait » ainsi qu'un badge de la compagnie « Scrap Accent ».

Le titre « Ensemble »  de ma page provient de la feuille d'autocollants mousse, prénommée « Aventure »

Les souhaits « Merci d'être dans ma vie » ainsi que «Des confettis de bonheur » de ma page proviennent de la planche d'étampes « Souhaits Fleurs #1 »

 J'ai aussi utilisé les petites fleurs de cette même planche soit « Souhaits Fleurs #1 » pour ajouter un effet de douceur à la page. Je les ai étampé à quelques endroits sur ma page.

Voici les produits utilisés afin de réaliser ma page. Vous pouvez les retrouver en visitant la boutique en ligne des Étampes Simple à Souhait.

Je vous souhaite de passer une excellent journée et je vous revois le mois prochain afin de vous présenter d'autres créations!


Good Times pour 2Crafty

Hello 2Crafty friends!

Today I have a new winter themed layout I would like to share with you as we enjoy cold cold winter here in Canada! I took this picture with my son Liam and my daughter Mila as we were working to build a giant snowman, just moments before Liam ate the carrot we had kept for the nose.

For the women in the "Mini Family Icons", I've used rose-gold wax and inked the contour with black ink. On the boy and girl, I used embossing ink and on the boy I also added silver embossing ink. I also inked the contour of both.

I've applied charcoal paint on the "Mini Branches" and a teal glaze on top.

On the "Clock Face Discs", I've applied blue-white embossing enamel.

For the title, "Line Words - Goodtimes Borders", I've cut out the "Goodtimes" and shortened the lines connected to the first and last letters. Then I applied silver wax and inked the contour with black ink.

This layout uses the following 2Crafty chipboards:
Mini Branches [mb013]
Clock Face Discs [m00795]
Mini Family Icons [mb003]
Line Words - Goodtimes Borders [db0096]

That is all for today! I hope my layout gave you some inspiration for your own. I wish you a nice hot chocolate if it is as cold where you are as it is cold here (otherwise enjoy the weather for us)! See you in February for my next reveal.


Ballet pour 2Crafty

Hello 2Crafty fans and happy new year to each and everyone of you!

For my first reveal of 2019, I am presenting you a layout featuring my sweet daughter, Mila, who asked me for a creation about one of her passion in life, ballet. I also went with a color palette that matches her outfit colors. She was pretty happy with the results so this was a great vote of confidence to share it with you guys!

On the "Funky Leaf Swirls", just behind the text, I applied indigo embossing ink and dabbed some copper embossing ink on top of it.

I inked the "Foliage Set 5", at the top of the picture, with gray-beige ink.

On the "Ballet" title, that includes the ballerina, I applied white and blue embossing enamel.

I left the "Squiggly Heart Cluster" to their natural chipboard color as it blends well with everything else.

On this page, I used the following 2Crafty chipboards:

Ballet [gw0008]
Squiggly Heart Cluster [pa0028]
Funky Leaf Swirls [m00539]
Foliage Set 5 [m00802]

That's all for today. Again, I wish you the best 2019, filled with amazing creations and everything you wish for! I'll be back soon with more inspiration.


Hello 2Crafty fans,

This month, I was a guest designer on the CSI Colors Stories Inspiration for Case #268! When I saw the challenge I knew exactly which pictures and materials would fit perfectly, as my inspiration for this layout had been brewing ever since my husband and I took these pictures. I just needed the perfect excuse to go in "full holidays mode"! I really love Christmas time (and reindeers) and a few weeks ago I found this amazing reindeer onesies PJ that can be worn as a costume so it was a match made in heaven.

For this challenge, I chose to integrate "Christmas/Holiday Elements", "Plaid", "Frames", "Deer", "Lightbulbs" and "Poinsettias" elements on a "Wood Background". I really like the result. The dark wood background brings some warmth to the layout while allowing the chipboard items to really stand out.

For the title, "Remember moments like this", I used black embossing powder.

On the "Christmas Light Strands", I applied red embossing ink and then gold embossing ink on top. For the "Foliage set 4", I used green embossing ink and then applied diluted teal metallic paint on top.

On the "Christmas frame", I applied white-gold embossing enamel.

For this layout, I used the following chipboards:

Christmas Frame #1 [Fr0114]
Christmas Light Strands [m00606]
Remember Moments Like This [w00306]
Foliage Set 4 [m00801]

That's it for 2018 for me! I wish you the best holidays season and I can't wait to see you again in 2019! Take care and keep creating!


The magic of Christmas - for 2Crafty

Hello 2Crafty friends! 

It's Christmas season and everybody around is getting into a cheerful mood, so I have an equally cheerful layout to reveal today! It features my daughter and I after she discovered the Snapchat filters last year. 

On the "ATC Flourish 2", I've applied green ink (although it looks a bit teal on the picture) and traced the contour with black ink. Just behind, I've embossed the "Foliage Set 5" with a red embossing ink and gently tapped with white embossing ink. 

I've used pink embossing enamel on the "Frame Nella's".

On the title, "The Magic of Christmas", I applied metallic gold embossing powder.

On this layout, I used the following chipboards:
The Magic of Christmas [w00484]
Frame Nella's [fr0071]
Foliage Set 5 [m00802]
ATC Flourish 2 [atc018]

That's all for today! I hope you liked my layout and that it'll give you some inspiration. I wish you all happy holidays season! See you soon.